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Stará Myslivna
Konopiště 2
256 01 Benešov
Tel. reservations:
+420 317 700 280
Fax Office:
+420 317 701 804
E-mail: myslivna@igcpraha.cz


IGC - International Gurman Club s.r.o.
Jahodnická 20/795
198 00 Praha 9
Tel.: +420 281 865 445
Fax: +420 266 610 855
E-mail: igc@igcpraha.cz
Please note that there is no smoking inside the entire restaurant. Smoking is only permitted in the outdoor gardens.

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Table Arrangement

The restaurant can hold 92 people at 14 tables with the basic table arrangement. For wedding banquets it is possible to arrange the tables into the letters U, T and I according to the number of wedding guests and the newlyweds choice. For smaller weddings there is also a lounge separable from the rest of the restaurant by a velvet curtain. It is possible to seat 14 or 16 people at one table here. In the back section of the restaurant it is possible to arrange tables in the shape of a letter U for 41, 46, 52, 58 or up to 74 places at one table when the entire restaurant is occupied. The T alternative is for 21 and 25 people or it is ideal for the deluxe Grand banquet option with a comfortable wide table for 22 people. When the entire restaurant is closed the I44 option at one long table across the entire hall of the restaurant in the shape of the letter I. Another option for the table arrangement at Stará Myslivna is Dance 83, which also includes a dance floor in the middle section of the restaurant.  In this case the total capacity is 83 people. Of course various combinations of the specified arrangements are also possible. For example Dance and Wedding and so on.



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