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Stará Myslivna
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IGC - International Gurman Club s.r.o.
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Please note that there is no smoking inside the entire restaurant. Smoking is only permitted in the outdoor gardens.

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Weddings at the Hunting Lodge

The hunting lodge is a suitable location to hold wedding celebrations and banquets, and not only for wedding ceremonies held at the Konopiště castle. The lodge is located approximately 10 minutes by foot from Stará Myslivna in a magnificent forest environment on the edge of the chateau park and pheasantry and only about 100 metres from the Chateau fishpond, well away from all the bustle and public. The spaces of the hunting lodge and the immediate exterior enable diverse catering possibilities. A table arrangement for up to about 25 guests or a banquet in the form of a smorgasbord for up to 40 guests can be held inside the lodge. Grilling, broiling entire flanks of wild game, lambs or piglets and smoking in the outdoor smoke house is possible outside. In the eventuality of nice weather events can be held here for up to about 100 people using both the inside and outside areas. The combined use of the Hunting Lodge and Stará Myslivna restaurant is also possible for wedding celebrations – for example, the wedding lunch for family in the restaurant and the resulting informal party in the lodge, or conversely the lunch in the Hunting Lodge and a party for a larger number of people at Stará Myslivna. There is a pleasant walk, which can be used for wedding photographs, through the castle gardens from the castle and from the restaurant.



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