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Stará Myslivna
Konopiště 2
256 01 Benešov
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IGC - International Gurman Club s.r.o.
Jahodnická 20/795
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Please note that there is no smoking inside the entire restaurant. Smoking is only permitted in the outdoor gardens.

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Stará myslivna :: Historická Budova

Stará myslivna :: Ludwig Baumann A new distillery, which originally stood to the north of the Chateau brewery, was built on the site of Stará Myslivna in 1840. The distillery was moved to Benešov in 1894 and the building was rebuilt to serve as a post office and school and it was given building indication number 2 in Konopiště. The building was last reconstructed according to the plans of the renowned architect, and Czech native, Ludwig Baumann, who also designed the buildings of the Lower Austria Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vienna, the War Ministry and the reconstruction of the New Hofburg. The building has practically been preserved in this form until today. At the end of the last century the spaces were used for entertaining the prominent participants of hunts in the Konopiště pheasantry.

Stará myslivna :: Historické Podhradí KonopištěStará myslivna :: Historická mapa Konopiště

Stará Myslivna Konopiště :: Arcivévoda František Ferdinand Rakouský d'EsteThe owner of Konopiště chateau and the founder of the agricultural buildings surrounding the chateau including the Stará Myslivna (old gamekeeper’s lodge) was Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand d'Este, the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne and the nephew of Emperor and King Franz Joseph I. He used Konopiště Chateau as the residence for his three children and wife Sophia, from the Czech noble family of Chotek. He significantly rebuilt the chateau at the end of the 19th century and also made changes in the outlying lands. The heir to the throne was not only a passionate hunter and collector of hinting trophies, but also an art collector. On June 28th, 1914 he and his wife, the Duchess Sophia of Hohenberg, were assassinated in Sarajevo. His death was the pretext for the outbreak of the First World War.

Stará Myslivna Konopiště :: Arcivévoda František Ferdinand Rakouský d'Este s rodinouStará Myslivna Konopiště :: Arcivévoda František Ferdinand Rakouský d'EsteStará Myslivna Konopiště :: Arcivévoda František Ferdinand Rakouský d'Este


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